How to Get Musty Smell Out of Carpet?

how to get musty smell out of carpet
how to get musty smell out of carpet

Are you searching for how to get musty smell out of carpet? Have you noticed that your carpets are smelling musty and unpleasant? If so, your carpet requires some maintenance. Carpets may start to smell musty due to a variety of factors, such as floods during a rain storm, water dripping from plants, air humidity, or even a dropped drink that was neglected.

Carpets that smell musty make it impossible to focus on anything, much less try to get some sleep at night. However, this is not the only issue; if your carpet has any form of mold or mildew in it, you and everyone else on the property could be seriously at danger for health problems. Therefore, don’t put off working on this job for a few weeks.

Ways to remove the musty smells out of carpet:

There are two approaches you can take to get rid of musty odors in a carpet:

  • To address any mold development and any residual odors, you might engage a mold remediation specialist. To go beneath the fungus and eradicate it entirely, they will employ equipment and supplies of the highest caliber intended for commercial use.
  • Both the mold and the odor can be eliminated with natural solutions. Positively, there are numerous household products that can be used to address moldy carpet odors. In 48 hours, you should be able to come home to a fragrant house if you are thorough and diligent in your cleaning.

How to remove mold and musty smell from carpet:

Even though you might be tempted to disregard musty carpet smells, doing so could put your health at risk since the mold spores can contaminate indoor air. The good news is that odors from musty carpets can be eliminated with a few easy steps. Here’s what you ought to do is this:

1. Dry out the carpet and area

The primary cause of musty, dank-smelling carpet is excessive moisture. It is imperative that any remaining water damage in your carpet’s fibers be dried off right away. Open windows, turn on fans and dehumidifiers, and, if there has been flooding, contact a professional flood and mold remediation specialist.

The first thing you should do is air out the space because excess moisture is the cause of all mold growth and musty odors. To remove moisture from the air and carpet, turn on the HVAC system, overhead fan, or any other device. If the house floods, you can get in touch with Commercial Damage Restoration to restore the severely damaged carpet using dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers. Just be aware that they might advise replacing the carpet.

2. Clean debris using vacuum

To assist with eliminating the smell, vacuum up any remaining dust and debris as soon as the carpet and any other impacted building materials are totally dry. Most of the debris should be removed by a powerful vacuum.
Vacuum the entire area to remove as much dirt and debris as you can after the carpet has dried. Repeatedly go over areas especially those with extensive carpet piles should be done.

3. Add baking soda

Once the carpet has been slightly moistened, liberally sprinkle baking soda over it. One of the greatest and most environmentally friendly odor neutralizers is this DIY solution. So you don’t have to be concerned about the carpet fibers becoming damaged.

4. Give it few hours

Giving the vinegar combination and baking soda some time to perform their magic will help ensure that the smell is eliminated. You ought to start noticing the improvement the following day if you let the mixture sit overnight.

5. Apply hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the smell of mold

While baking soda and vinegar are among the greatest methods for getting rid of mold, occasionally a bit more force is needed. To a spray bottle, add five parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide. Mist the affected area lightly once more. Lift up the carpet and spray the underneath as well, if it isn’t fastened down. After that, leave it for a few more hours to let the moldy odor neutralize.

6. Apply carpet shampoo to get rid of the musty smell

An alternative would be to use a sponge to clean the carpet if the smell is still present; just be careful not to use too much liquid. Once the carpet shampoo has been blotted over the area, let it dry before vacuuming up the remaining dirt once again.

7. Carry out procedure again

The issue will be resolved if you are fortunate enough to get rid of the smell right away. However, some circumstances will call for a little more perseverance. You are welcome to carry on doing so again with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baking soda, or carpet shampoo.

Call in professional Commercial Damage Restoration

Please don’t hesitate to contact Commercial Damage Restoration experts if the stench persists or resurfaces in the future. Not only can we get rid of the smell, but we can also get rid of the mold that water damage left behind. We can quickly restore the scent and appearance of cleanliness to your home by using high-quality cleaning supplies and advanced technologies.

Regardless of whether you require full mold treatment, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, or just the removal of a moldy odor from the carpet, we can assess the area and determine which of the following services would be most effective to restore your house to its prior state. For a free estimate, don’t be afraid to contact the specialists at Commercial Damage Restoration.

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