How to Fix Kitchen Sink Leak

how to fix kitchen sink leak
how to replace kitchen sink pipe

A kitchen sink leak is more than just an annoyance. The steady trickle soaks into the walls, floors, and cabinets.

For more than 25 years, Commercial Damage Restoration has been restoring water-damaged kitchens around Virginia. We have direct experience with how a tiny leak can cause major issues.

We created this article to help with kitchen sink leak repair because of this. Continue reading for some astute advice to add to your arsenal of do-it-yourself skills.

Essential Notes

  • A kitchen sink that leaks can be fixed in five different ways. The faucet, spray hose, and sink strainer are among the most often repaired items. The sink drain pipe or the hot and cold water supply lines may need to be repaired.
  • Leaking kitchen sink water seeps into the walls, floors, and cabinets. The moist atmosphere encourages the formation of mold in the drywall.
  • Restoration experts are required to handle this kind of structural water damage.

Prior to Beginning

The water supply pipes on the wall beneath the sink should be turned off if you are working on the sprayer hose or faucet. If not, shut off the main water supply to your house.

Store these tools, a bucket, and some towels close at hand.

  • Adaptable wrench
  • Sink ratchet screwdriver
  • Putty for plumbers
  • Silicone sealant

How to Fix a Leaking Kitchen Sink

(1): Leaky Faucet Issue

The sink faucet leaks around its base when the water is turned on.


There are numerous approaches to repairing this kind of leak. The O-ring that secures the faucet should be replaced first. To remove the faucet coupling nut, use your wrench.

Take off the faucet and replace the O-ring disc or tighten the exposed O-ring stem screw.

After drying the area surrounding the faucet base, turn on the water. Should the leak persist, it could be necessary to either clean or replace the valve seat connecting the faucet’s spout to the faucet.

Tip: Wrap your wrench in a single layer of duct tape to protect the faucet finish while you work.

(2): Leaking Spray Hose Issue

Either the hose or the spray head assembly leaks water.


Take off the spray head’s slide nut with a little screwdriver. Take out and put back the washer. Should the spray head continue to leak, take it apart once more and remove the C-clip. Swap out for a fresh spray head.

You will need to disconnect and replace the spray hose if that is the source of the leak. After sliding the new hose into position and hand-tightening it to the faucet stem, use your wrench to seal the connection.

Tip: Working in confined locations beneath the sink is made simpler using a basin wrench.

(3): Leaks Around the Sink Strainer Issue

Water seeps into the cabinet beneath the sink from the strainer assembly that is attached to the drain.


Tighten the strainer basket’s attachment to the sink strainer.

If the leak is not stopped by this patch, remove the strainer and discard the old plumber’s putty. After applying new putty, reattach the strainer. Replace the assembly with a new sink strainer and basket if the leak persists.

Tip: You can seal small strainer leaks by putting silicone in the space between the strainer and the sink.

(4): Leaky Hot and Cold Supply lines

Water continuously drops and collects under the sink due to leaky hot and cold supply lines.


Tighten the nuts holding the cutoff valves on the hot and cold water supply lines. The plumbing layout of your kitchen sink may need you to inspect multiple connections on each line.

Supply lines for kitchen sinks that are more than five years old likely need to be replaced rather than repaired.

Tip: Before working on the sink supply lines, make sure the main water supply to your house is off.

(5): Leaking Sink Drain Pipe Issue

Water leaks from the drain pipe when the sink is emptied.


Although less noticeable than a dishwasher leak, this kind of leak can nevertheless result in significant water damage to the kitchen. Tighten the pipe slip nuts to begin repairs, starting with the one closest to the sink.

Try using silicone tape or epoxy putty to seal the area around the slip nuts if the pipe leaks even after that.

Rubber gaskets in the pipe may need to be replaced if the leak persists. Take off the first slip nut to gain access to the gasket. Proceed with the remaining slip nut connections after replacing it and tightening the slip nut.

Tip: Have your bucket and towels close at hand while working on the drain line.

Know When to Call Water Damage

When you can use your DIY talents to fix a leak, it’s always satisfying. If you can restore the water damage caused by a leaking kitchen sink, that would be even better.

There are circumstances in which experts in water damage restoration, like Commercial Damage Restoration, are needed. These are but a few explanations for why you would wish to hire our restoration experts.

  • Walls and doors of the sink cabinet were harmed by the leak.
  • The floor next to the sink starts to collapse or peel.
  • There seems to be cracked or soiled drywall beneath the sink.
  • You observe mold growth that persists despite cleaning.
  • The terrible smell of mustiness permeates the kitchen.

How to Prevent Kitchen Sink Leaks

  • Maintain a clean connection between the valve seat, spout, and sink faucet.
  • Once a month, check the drain connections and supply lines.
  • Make use of a leak detector beneath the sink and set it up to send out text notifications.
  • Keep an eye out for any strange sounds or smells in the vicinity of the sink.
  • Avoid packing too many things in the sink cabinet that have other places to be kept.

Have Water Damage in Virginia? We are here to help!

You performed admirably. The leak was fixed by you. All you want right now is your kitchen to be regular again.

We are able to assist. With restoration competence validated by the industry, we handle all kinds of water damage. Avoid attempting to handle it alone. Give the tough lifting to Commercial Damage Restoration.

Our teams are standing by, ready for your call in Virginia: 571-568-6856

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